This morning a train was stopped at St. Laurent Station due to an issue with the overhead power system. At this time, full service will not be restored in time for the afternoon peak commute. R1 bus replacement service has been implemented.

R1 bus service from Hurdman to Blair will continue throughout the afternoon peak period. Significant delays will occur. Customers travelling to the east end should take a train to Hurdman Station and transfer to an R1 replacement bus.

Some of the R1 buses to Blair Station will skip Tremblay and Cyrville Stations in order to get customers to St-Laurent and Blair faster—these R1 “express” trips will be identified on the front of the bus and by OC Transpo staff on the bus platforms

Customers travelling from the east end should take regular or R1 bus routes to Hurdman Station and transfer to the train

En plus des 20 autobus dédiés à fournir un service de remplacement R1, autres autobus normalement en état de veille seront redistribuée au service R1.

Buses for R1 service will also be borrowed from ‘frequent’
service routes that do not serve the east end in order to ensure no further negative impact on service to/from Orléans.

Rideau Transit Maintenance have assessed the damage and must move the train in order to complete the required repairs and test the system before complete service can be restored. Repair work cannot begin until after the train is moved out of the way. At this time, RTM is making every effort to restore service as quickly as possible. Work to move the train has begun. However, it is possible that the disruption will continue into tomorrow as the repairs are underway.

Si votre situation le permet, planifier travailler à domicile demain, le vendredi 17 janvier afin d’éviter les délais possible.

Au cas où que les réparations nécessaires ne sont pas complétées ce soir, OC Transpo commence déjà à faire des préparations pour la période de pointe de demain matin.

I will be receiving an update from OC Transpo later this evening. I will post another update at that time

The most up to date information will be tweeted at @OCTranspoLive

Les mises à jour seront aussi disponible sur le site web d’OC Transpo: https://www.octranspo.com/fr/

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