Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff14 hours ago

Le caucus francophone s’est réunis de façon virtuelle aujourd’hui pour une mise-à-jour sur l’offre des services en français Loisirs et culture Ottawa et une présentation du travail de communication exemplaire de Santé publique Ottawa durant la pandémie de #COVID19.

C’est un grand privilège d’être inclus dans ce groupe et de représenter les intérêts de notre communauté francophone et francophile.

Un gros merci à Bob Monette qui a été le premier à réunir le caucus lorsqu’il était le Conseiller d’Orléans. La tradition se poursuit Bob!

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff20 hours ago

It’s ok to not be ok. The Distress Centre of Ottawa & Region line is available 24/7 at 613-238-3311.

Il est important dans des moments comme ceux-là que nous prenions soin les uns des autres, en particulier de notre santé mentale. Santé publique Ottawa #mentalhealth

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff1 day ago

A live stream for #MentalHealth. Check in tomorrow at 12:30PM with Ottawa Public Health and The Royal Mental Health Centre.

Demain, en direct dès 12h30 avec le Dr. Raj Bhatla et Linda Cove, de l’équipe de santé mentale de Santé publique Ottawa.

Check it out here:

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff2 days ago

Today is International Mentoring Day and I thank all the leaders in our community who share knowledge, foster collaboration and help raise those around them. It creates long lasting relationships in our community.

Si vous avez déjà été un mentor ou eu un mentor – au travail, à l’école ou dans votre vie – vous savez que le mentorat peut changer des vies. Le mentorat amplifie les relations, l’apprentissage et les opportunités.

When I was a student at Carleton University (Official), Hon. John McKay gave me a chance to join his team and discover public service. I am committed to offering that same chance to students in our community. Students from École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges and Carleton University have contributed to our work in serving Orléans as members of our team since 2018. I’ve also spoken to students from St. Matthew High School, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School (Ottawa) and cadets from 3018 Royal Canadian Army Cadets – Orleans and 632 Phoenix Squadron, Orleans Royal Canadian Air Cadets to share my experience. And last week, Katrina, a student from Algonquin College joined the team to complete the coop requirements of her program.

Mentoring can be transformative for a young person and I thank all the mentors who contribute to empowering our community.

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff3 days ago

Update from our Director of roads and parking | Mise à jour de notre directrice des routes et du stationnement

It is a much clearer morning out there today. We saw between 18 and 25 cm of snow in the past 36 hours, with the snow being heaviest in the east end. We could see an additional 2 cm of light snow today.

As planned, we lifted the winter weather parking ban at 7 am this morning. Thank you to all residents for your continued support of our winter operations and for doing your part to keep our roadways clear of vehicles.

Roads and Parking staff have been out around the clock clearing and treating roads, sidewalks and the winter cycling network. Snow clearing in our residential areas took place yesterday and through the overnight hours.

In the east end, where snow was heaviest, our teams had to switch to sidewalk blowers to clear the snow. This process is slower and residents are asked to be patient while the work continues.

Our team will continue their work today with a goal of getting our roads, sidewalks, winter cycling network and residential areas cleaned and tidied up ahead of this evening’s dropping temperatures. Residents can expect to see trucks out tidying up problem areas, residential roadways and clearing intersections, bus stops and pedestrian crossings. Salt will be applied to roads and sidewalks as we attempt to strip off any snow and ice build-up before it freezes.

We are not anticipating any issues with tomorrow morning’s commute.

As residents prepare for the week, we ask that if you are placing waste and recycle bins out this week, you do not place them on snowbanks, sidewalks or roadways. Instead, please place bins in your driveway slightly out of the path of our equipment and sidewalk machines. This will ensure a safe pick-up when the time comes.

Thank you again for your support.



C’est un matin bien plus clair aujourd’hui. Nous avons vu entre 18 cm et 25 cm de neige au cours des 36 dernières heures, la neige étant la plus lourde dans le secteur Est de la Ville. Nous pouvions voir jusqu’à 2 cm…

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff4 days ago

What’s you favourite snowy day activity? Is it curling up with a great book from Ottawa Public Library / Bibliothèque publique d’Ottawa? Is it building a snowman?

Vous aimez vous promener sur nos beaux sentiers avec votre famille? Ou préférez-vous cuisiner ou travailler votre art?

Or do you prefer catching a ski on our freshly-groomed Ski Heritage East Trail? Share some pictures of your favourite winter activities and let’s inspire our neighbours, #Orléans!

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff4 days ago

Update from our Director of roads and Parking | Mise à jour de notre directrice des routes et du stationnement

We’re waking up to a beautiful winter day. Overnight we saw between 7 – 10 cm of snow in the City. We anticipate another 5 – 10 cm of heavy snow will fall today before tapering off to light flurries this afternoon.

Roads and Parking Services staff were on main roads, arterials and sidewalks late last night and through the overnight clearing snow and salting. A first pass of our mains was completed but the rapidly falling snow means roads and sidewalks remain snow covered and slushy.

At 7 am our morning shift took over and will continue to focus on keeping those main roads, sidewalks and the winter cycling network open and clear. The snow is falling rapidly this morning, and multiple passes will be required to keep our main network of roads and sidewalks open and clear. Keeping our mains clear is the priority today and will take most of the day.

Later today and into the early evening, residents may start to see our vehicles moving into their local communities for a residential plow run. Wherever possible, residents are asked to keep their cars off the road to allow our teams and vehicles to do their work. A winter weather parking ban is in effect this evening, Saturday January 16 from 7 pm to tomorrow, Sunday January 17 at 7 am. With the accumulation of snow we are seeing, it is important that our equipment can open up the roads as wide as possible to allow cars, vehicles and walkers to travel safely.

Tomorrow, Sunday, our staff will be in again doing clean-up around push-buttons, pedestrian crossings and bus stops. Any additional problem areas will be addressed. We are expecting cold temperatures to move in early this week so getting the roads cleaned ahead of that freeze is a priority.

Our vehicles are on the roads and sidewalks to make them safe for you. Please, look for the flashing blue lights and give them space to do their work – stay three car lengths behind a working vehicle.


Nous nous réveillons avec une belle journée d’hiver. Nous avons reçu entre 7…

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff4 days ago

The winter weather parking ban will be in effect tonight at 7pm until Sunday at 7am across #Ottawa.

L’interdiction hivernale de stationnement est en vigueur de 19h samedi à 7h dimanche.

For more info:

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff5 days ago

Great news Friday! 📣 We’re expecting that all Long-Term Care (LTC) homes in Ottawa have received their first round of vaccines by the end of today.

Des bonnes nouvelles! 📣 On s’attend à ce que tous les Foyers de soins de longue durée (SLD) à #Ottawa aient reçu leur 1e série de vaccins d’ici la fin de la journée.

Un objectif réussi avec brio grâce à un travail d’équipe entre The Ottawa Hospital – L’Hôpital d’Ottawa, Ottawa Public Health et Ottawa Paramedic Service – Service paramédic d’Ottawa. Bravo!

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff5 days ago

In recognition of the relentless and selfless pursuit of establishing the Ski Heritage East trail, which supports physical and mental well being all winter long with high quality, groomed winter trails for everyone to enjoy, it’s an honour to present this 2020 Orléans Community Builder Award to Alexa Brewer.

En guise de remerciement pour ces leader dans notre communauté qui font d’Orléans un endroit où il fait encore mieux vivre, travailler et se divertir. #communitymatters #cheznous #Orléans

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff5 days ago

Incroyable! Incredible!

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff5 days ago

⚠ La Ville d’Ottawa a précisé la façon dont les nouvelles mesures de maintien à domicile de la province de l’Ontario modifieront l’accès du public à certaines de ses installations et entraîneront la suspension temporaire des services au comptoir en personne.

Le Gouvernement de l’Ontario oblige tout le monde à rester à la maison, mais permet des exceptions pour des fins ou des activités permises, comme aller à l’épicerie ou à la pharmacie, obtenir des services de soins de santé, faire de l’exercice ou effectuer un travail qui ne peut pas être exécuté à distance.

Les précisions incluent:
✅ Installations fermées et installations ouvertes
✅ Les patinoires extérieures et les sites de glissade restent ouverts
✅ Les services en personne temporairement suspendus
✅ Les services modifiés
✅ Application des règlements sur le stationnement
✅ Obtenir des services ou effectuer des transactions en ligne ou par téléphone

Pour en savoir plus sur les programmes et les services de la Ville qui sont affectés, veuillez consulter
Ville d’Ottawa
Santé publique Ottawa

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff5 days ago

Tonight at 9 pm: Registration begins for our #OttCity virtual art and recreation programs!

A mix of short workshops and multi-week courses will be offered including:
– Language classes (French and English)
– STEM programs
– Cooking classes
– Visual arts: drawing, painting, digital arts
– Fitness: Zumba, Yoga, Bootcamp
– Dancing: Ballet, hip hop and others
– Martial arts, tai chi

To find your activity:
City of Ottawa

Des activités amusantes pour tous les âges!
Restez actif, soyez en sécurité et améliorez votre santé mentale. Ville d’Ottawa

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff6 days ago

The Ontario Government is requiring everyone to remain at home with exceptions for permitted purposes or activities, such as going to the grocery store or pharmacy, accessing health care services, for exercise or for work where the work cannot be done remotely.

The City of Ottawa has clarified how the Province of Ontario’s new stay-at-home measures will alter public access to some of its facilities and temporarily suspend in-person counter

⚠️What facilities are opened and closed:
◾️ The City will continue to operate and provide some services during the stay-at-home order, including virtual arts and recreation programming.
◾️ No public access to administrative buildings, including 100 Constellation and Ben Franklin Place.
◾️ Public access to City Hall will be restricted to the Service Ontario counter and the municipal daycare service. Municipal counters, such as ServiceOttawa, will be closed as of the end of the
business day on Friday, January 15, 2021 and will be moving to online delivery.
◾️ All indoor recreation and cultural facilities remain closed to the public, excluding respite centres, #COVID19 assessment centres, municipal childcare centres (ages 0-4), inclusive recreation programs and Before-and-After School programs when elementary schools resume.
◾️ Ottawa Public Library / Bibliothèque publique d’Ottawa facilities will remain closed – including the bookmobile – but will continue to provide contactless curbside services.

⚠️ Outdoor rinks and sledding hills remain open
Outdoor rinks – community and refrigerated – and sledding hills will remain open with the current 25-person capacity restriction and masking requirements outlined in the order issued by Ottawa’s Medical Officer of Health. Outdoor refrigerated rinks will continue to operate with the online reservation system on

People are reminded they must maintain two-metres from others and masks must be worn in public accessibility areas that are within 15 metres (50 feet) distance of the edge of the ice surface. While masks are not mandatory when skating, Ottawa Public Health recommends wearing one for added protection.

Under Provincial Regulations, no team sports are permitted and the City of Ottawa is directing that only skating take place on all rinks with no sticks, pucks, balls or other sports equipment permitted on the ice.

⚠️ Temporarily suspended in-person services include:
◾️ City Hall and Ben…

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff6 days ago

Nominations are open for the 2021 Orléans Leading Women and Girls Recognition Awards, to recognize and reward women and young girls in Orléans for their involvement and leadership in the community.

L’initiative de la députée fédérale Marie-France Lalonde reconnais celles qui font preuve d’un leadership exceptionnel dans notre communauté. #Orléans

Nominations must be received before February 21, 2021. You can obtain a nomination form by contacting by email

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff7 days ago

Here’s a list of some of my favourite reads and listens from 2020, all of which are available either digitally or in hard copy from the Ottawa Public Library / Bibliothèque publique d’Ottawa!

Cette liste contient à la fois des titres anglais et français dans lesquels je me suis lancé l’année dernière. Je lis certainement beaucoup plus que cela, et je vole toujours du temps pour moi-même pour entrer dans un bon livre!

Incluant: Roxanne Bouchard, Area Resident, Twin Flames, Mark Lanegan, Thin Lizzy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Stephen King, Blinker The Star, and Donovan Woods,_matt_luloff

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff7 days ago

Ce soir, Monia Mazigh, une auteure francophone d’Ottawa vous fera découvrir son dernier roman, Farida. Mme Mazigh est née en Tunisie et a immigré au Canada en 1991.

Ms. Mazigh is an activist who came into the media spotlight as she battled to free her husband who was captured in Syria. Her first book published in 2008, Les Larmes Emprisonnées recounts this harsh chapter of her life. She continues to be involved in several human rights organizations and advocating social justice.

Join us at Croisée des mots avec Monia Mazigh and register here:

Croisée des mots est un programme littéraire mensuel organisé par Ottawa Public Library / Bibliothèque publique d’Ottawa en partenariat avec Association des auteures et auteurs de l’Ontario français et offre aux francophones et francophiles la possibilité de rencontrer leurs auteurs préférés et de discuter de leurs livres. #cheznous #ottcity #OttVille

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff1 week ago

Il y aura une mise à jour de la Ville aujourd’hui à 15 heures concernant COVID-19 et l’annonce provinciale

There will be an update from the City today at 3pm regarding COVID-19 and the provincial announcement

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff1 week ago

Ontario Premier announces second provincial emergency to address #COVID19.

More details here:
Ontario Government Gouvernement de l’Ontario

Matthew Luloff
Matthew Luloff1 week ago

Children’s programming is back at the Ottawa Public Library / Bibliothèque publique d’Ottawa!

Starting today, the Ottawa Public Library will be launching tons of virtual activities to capture your child’s interest. There are various activities for all ages including a mini D&D campaign for kids ages 8-12 who love to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Il y aura des ateliers de codage interactifs, des liens parents-bébés, des histoires, des chansons et des comptines pour les enfants de moins de six ans.

Visitez la page du programme pour en savoir plus.

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