Today I had a meeting with Revera Inc., owners of the 850 Champlain St. property.

Please read this update in its entirety!

Une demande d’aménagement n’a pas encore été soumise mais je voulais quand même partager une mise à jour importante avec la communauté.

Within the next couple of weeks, Revera Inc. will be submitting a Site Plan Control application to develop a 5 storey residential care facility on Block 4 of the site. Block 4 abuts the west side of Champlain Street, the south side of the new east-west street (John Holden Way), and the east side of the new north-south street (Famille Côté Avenue). Once the application is received, an on-site sign will be erected at the site and the information will be available on the City of Ottawa Development Application Search Tool. I will also be sure to share the information here. Revera Inc. has placed the other 5 lots up for sale (https://tinyurl.com/ybg93qdz).

Le plan de lotissement de ce site comprend au total six îlots d’aménagement, deux îlots de parc linéaire et deux nouvelles rues. La construction des nouvelles rues internes, des trottoirs et des infrastructures du lotissement ainsi que les travaux de nivellement ont débutés le printemps derniers et continue cette année. Peu importe le propriétaire, chaque îlot du plan de lotissement doit faire l’objet d’un processus d’approbation du plan d’implantation.

This property is zoned Mixed Use Centre and is located within a Town Centre designation in the City’s Official Plan. The zoning permits a wide variety of uses in this location including but not limited to high density residential, institutional and office/commercial uses with no height limits except where directly abutting a residential zone (existing residential on Du Bois Avenue). I would like the southern portion of the lands, nearest the Park and Ride, developed taking advantage of the unlimited height allowance to maximize the proximity to transit and the amenities directly across the 174.

Puisque Revera Inc. compte seulement aménager un îlot du site, nous ne pouvons pas savoir les plans ou échéancier de construction pour le site au complet. Sauf dans le cas d’une demande de modification au règlement de zonage, toutes autres demandes de Réglementation des plans d’implantation devra conformer au zonage du site.

I know that residents are eager to know what the future of this site, in its entirety, holds. The Plan of Subdivision divides the site into six blocks, that must each undergo a Site Plan approval process. It’s important to remember that.  The site plan approval process requires an applicant to provide detailed plans along with supporting documents and reports. Until a Site Plan Control application is submitted and approved, we simply cannot know for sure what will be built. The zoning of a site gives us an idea as to what the possibilities are. Yes, an applicant can also make an application for a Zoning By-law amendment. This is also a detailed process that strives for efficient and worthwhile land use. My stance has always been moderation. What worked in the past, doesn’t necessarily work now. Existing/neighboring conditions need to be considered, but they cannot constrain evolving needs. With the proximity to what will be a Confederation Line station, I believe the remaining lots should be used for denser residential (preferably rental) and employment space. I will continue to champion these uses with prospective buyers.

Comme toujours, si vous avez des questions n’hésitez pas de me rejoindre par courriel (Matt.Luloff@ottawa.ca) ou par téléphone 613-580-2471.

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