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With Summer underway and the construction season ramping up, I’m excited to share some of the important infrastructure projects in Ward 1 that are scheduled for completion this year and the ones that are forecasted over the course of the next few years!
Orléans Infrastructure Projects in 2021:
🚧 Repaving St. Georges from Des Epinettes to Galloway
🚧 Road crack sealing program: Lacolle/Trim/Place d’Orléans Park & Ride
🚧 New roundabout at Innes & Frank Kenney
🚧 Park Renewal: Kinsella Park
🚧 New picnic shelter at Queenswood Ridge Park
🚧 Multi-use pathway renewal – east of Caprihani from 70m east of Trim
🚧 Multi-use pathway renewal – link from McEachern to Bourcier
🚧 Multi-use pathway renewal – link from Tenth Line to Thurlow
🚧 Building renovations at Bob MacQuarrie, Ray Friel Centre and Cumberland Library
🚧 Sanitary Pumping Station Rehabilitation – 361 Roxdale Ave
🚧 Sanitary Pumping Station Rehabilitation – 1571 St Georges St.
Projects Forecasted in the next few years:
🚧 Repaving Jeanne d’Arc North (1-2 years away)
🚧 Repaving HWY 174 EB off ramp at Jeanne d’Arc (1-2 years away)
🚧 Repaving Vineyard (3-5 years away)
🚧 Culvert Renewal: HWY 174 EB Tenth Line exit (2-3 years away)
🚧 Taylor Creek: New sidewalks (4-7 years away)
🚧 Park renewal: Pierre Rocque (2-3 years away)
🚧 Joe Jamieson splash pad replacement (1-2 years away)
🚧 Father Richard Ward: pathway replacement (1-2 years away)
🚧 Luc Major Park Renewal (1-2 years away)
🚧 Major Pathway: Saint Louis Woods (2-3 years away)
🚧 Bob MacQuarrie Skate Park redevelopment (1-2 years away)
🚧 Convent Glen sewer renewal (1-2 years away)
🚧 Ray Friel flooring (1-2 years away)
🚧 St. Joseph retaining wall (4-7 years away)
Cette liste est flexible, et à chaque cycle budgétaire, je présente un nombre de demandes et de suggestions prioritaires au personnel de la Ville pour qu’il les examine.
J’ai hâte de poursuivre le travail important et d’ajouter à cette liste, afin qu’Orléans continue de recevoir sa part équitable investissement.
Want to keep up to date with ongoing and planned construction projects in your neighbourhood? Don’t forget to check out the City’s new interactive capital construction forecast map: https://bit.ly/3zuzIfh

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