Bonjour Orléans-Est – Cumberland!
I’m joining you from MakerfeedCo. in beautiful Cumberland Village for our Community Update Video. This incredible local business is one of my favorites, and if you haven’t enjoyed a meal here, yet, you need to come and check it out. We are blessed in ward one to have so many wonderful local businesses, services, and restaurants. Please support local whenever you can!
In this month’s update, I share with you:
✔️ 2023 Spring Freshet Update
✔️ The Bradley Cup Charity Hockey Tournament
✔️ Cleaning the Capital is on!
✔️ Shout out to our City of Ottawa roads team
✔️ Journée Internationale de la Francophonie
✔️ Prix Bernard Grandmaître de l’ACFO Ottawa
✔️ Stage 2 LRT update
✔️ Engage Ottawa
✔️ Maplefest with Cumberland Lions Club
Une mention bien spéciale aux organismes qui se sont joint à nous pour célébrer la francophonie dans notre communauté.
Mon mandat envers vous, les résidents d’#Orléans-Est-#Cumberland, est de défendre vos intérêts et de continuer à vous écouter afin qu’ensemble, nous continuons de créer une communauté ou il fait bon vivre, jouer et travailler.
Finally, enjoy the warmer temperatures that are forecasted, and as always, take care of one and other. Until next time, all the best to you and your families! À la prochaine.

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