Two years together. Two years since you showed your confidence in me and sent me to City Hall as your representative for Orléans. I am still as humbled and as motivated than ever. Thank you. Merci. ❤️

Je tiens aussi à reconnaitre le travail de mon équipe: Michaël, Jessica, D’Arcy, Scott et Peter. Notre communauté compte sur vous à chaque jour, et le bilan présenté n’aurais pas été possible sans votre service.

We’ve done a lot of great work together.

In 2020:

✅Partnered with Hôpital Montfort to bring you COVID-19 Care Clinic in Orléans

✅Created and hosted Together, apart. Ensemble, à part, a virtual concert fundraiser for Orléans-Cumberland CRC and Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre / Centre des ressources de l'Est d'Ottawa

✅Elected Chair of the Board of the Ottawa Public Library / Bibliothèque publique d'Ottawa

✅Expedited project, and expanded scope of repairs, replacement of 3 pedestrian bridges on Terry Fox trail

✅Led change for Ottawa Public Library go late fines free, removing barriers to accessing library services, especially for members of the community who are most at risk of exclusion.

✅Launched the Ottawa Veterans Task Force

✅Connected with you in the community, at events, in local businesses or at your door.

✅Brought more investments into our community, like road resurfacing, multi-use pathway renewals and pedestrian crossovers (PXO's)

✅Invested in our recreation facilities, including a climbing wall at Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex and replacement units at Ray Friel Recreation Complex

✅Maximized investments of the Temporary Traffic Calming budget in Orléans.

Et nous n'avons pas encore terminé. Il reste beaucoup de pain sur la planche.

My priority continues to be with you, in our community. To ensure that you are served well and that your voice is heard. To contact me and my team, email matt.luloff@ottawa.ca or call 613-580-2471.

Je suis très fier de ce que nous avons pu accomplir, ensemble, et j’ai bien hâte de voir ce que nous réserve l'avenir. Thank you for your continued support.

- Matt

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