Hey there, Orléans East – Cumberland,

As a proud Canadian Forces veteran who served in Afghanistan, I record this Remembrance Day message with a heart heavy with both gratitude and solemnity. Tomorrow, we gather to remember, to honour, and to reflect.
Nous nous souvenons de ceux qui nous ont précédés, de ces âmes vaillantes qui ont ouvert la voie à notre liberté, trop souvent au prix de leur vie. Leur bravoure et leur sacrifice résonnent dans les annales de l’histoire, nous rappelant le prix de la liberté.
Nous rendons hommage aux hommes et aux femmes qui portent l’uniforme aujourd’hui, résolus à protéger notre nation et à défendre les valeurs qui nous sont chères. Leur dévouement inébranlable et leur altruisme nous inspirent tous.
Yet, even as we remember the past, we cannot ignore the present. War continues in distant lands, claiming innocent lives and leaving communities shattered. We mourn the loss of these precious lives and recognize the immense toll conflict takes on humanity.
In our grief, let us find the strength to advocate for peace, to bridge divides, and to promote understanding among nations. Together, we can strive for a world where compassion triumphs over cruelty and empathy unites us all.
En observant la minute de silence, portons le flambeau du souvenir. Soyons vigilants dans notre quête d’un monde où la paix règne en maître, où les sacrifices de nos héros tombés au combat servent de phare pour nous guider vers des lendemains meilleurs.
In Canada, the rights and freedoms we enjoy today were paid for in blood. The freedoms of private property, free speech, and intellectual freedom are the cornerstones of our society, especially in a modern world rife with misinformation and disinformation. These rights empower us to think, speak, and express ourselves freely, fostering a society where diverse ideas can thrive, and truth can prevail over falsehoods.
Remembrance Day is deeply personal to me. Today, and every day, my thoughts are with Jason Boyes, Terry Street, Micheal Starker, Rich Leary, Jon Snyder, Colin Wilmot, James Arnal, Josh Roberts, Erin Doyle, Shawn Eades, Stephan Stock, Dustin Wasden, Drew Grenon, Chad Horn, Mike Seggie, and Scott Shipway – members of my battlegroup who made the ultimate sacrifice in 2008. I knew many of these heroes personally, and I draw strength from their memory every single day. Their courage fuels my commitment to serve our community and work towards a future where peace prevails and their sacrifice is never in vain.
Lest we forget. N’oublions pas.

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