Happy Canada Day!🇨🇦 Bonne Fête du Canada!
I’m hoping this is the last virtual event of this kind because I can’t wait to see you all again, together. It has been a very long and difficult year and a half. We have endured isolation and we have endured uncertainty. But for the most part, we have been resilient. That is what being a Canadian is all about. From the frigid nights in the cold breezes of winter, to the scorching and punishing heat of summer, Canadians have proved time and time again that we can endure anything and come together when it matters most.
I must address the struggle we have been facing this year with our past as a country. Though I completely understand that is important that we examine the past within its context, we must also recognize the principles of justice and equality are universal and inarguable, regardless of that context.
Nous devons continuer à apprendre et à grandir en tant que nation et veiller à ne pas répéter les erreurs du passé. Profitons de l’occasion pour en apprendre davantage sur les cultures, les histoires et les luttes de nos peuples autochtones, métis et inuits. C’est une chose de reconnaître leur contribution et leur gérance de notre terre et de notre pays, mais c’en est une autre de les comprendre d’une manière significative. Une réconciliation véritable et significative est la seule voie à suivre – et je ferai ma part.
Please enjoy your Canada Day responsibly, be safe, and have fun. Thank you to all of our service women and men who proudly serve our country. And thank you to you, neighbour, for your support and for all of your effort building a better community here in Orléans. I am proud to be your councillor and I am especially proud to work hard on your behalf every single day as we build a better Orléans together.
Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦 Bonne fête du Canada
– Matt

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